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Blast Beat                          Co-Star            Blast Beat Productions

Supercool                          Co-Star            Yellow Film & TV Cristal Pictures

Undercover Brother 2       Co-Star            Hal Lieberman Co

How High 2                        Co-Star            Universal/MTV

Masterminds                      Featured         Relativity

Middle School                   Co-Star           CBS Films

A Walk In The Woods       Featured         Route One Films

For the Love of Ruth         Featured         Swirl Films

Comeback Dad                 Co-Star           Russ Par Films

My Fake Fiancé                 Co-Star           Disney/ABC Family

Smoked                             Featured         George Pierre Films

Madea Goes to Jail          Featured         Lionsgate Films

Coma                                 Co-Star           Scott Free Productions

This Side Up                      Co-Star           Blue Lantern Films

Four Minutes                     Featured         34th & Askew   

The Badge                         Featured         Lionsgate Films


Dynasty                             Guest Star         Eye Productions

Hightown                          Guest Star         STARZ

Bigger                               Guest Star         BET

Lodge 49                           Guest Star        AMC    

American Soul                  Co-Star              BET

Greenleaf                          Co-Star              OWN

Atlanta                               Co-Star              FX

Hail Mary (Pilot)                Co-Star              ABC

What Would You Do?      Co-Star              ABC

Saints & Sinners                Co-Star              Bounce TV

Brothers in Atlanta           Co-Star               Swirl Films

Eastbound and Down      Co-Star               HBO

The Game                         Featured             BET

Wildflowers                      Co-Star                Great Fortune Productions

Meet The Browns            Co-Star                Tyler Perry Studios

Somebodies                    Co-Star                BET

Army Wives                      Co-Star                Lifetime

Good Eats                        Co-Star                The Food Network



Conflicts Available Upon Request



Conflicts Available Upon Request



Baton Rouge Little Theater      Improv Blocking, Method, Stand Up

Florida State University             Performing Arts Major


Horseback Riding, Juggling, Basketball, Football, Poker, Golf, Billiards, Bowling, Video Games, Great with Kids & Animals, Improvisation, Competitive Marksman, Sideline Reporter, Talk Show Moderator, Television & Radio Producer, Russian (fluent), Spanish (conversational), United States Marine Corps

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